Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last hurrah, again...

For the expats that hadn't left Xiamen, a few of us got together, for the last time, at one of our favorite haunts - Coyote.

A couple of friends, believe it or not, had never been, so they have been missing out on their famous margaritas. Tiffany, being a very smart saleswomen, gave them 1/2 picture to try. Smart move, they never went back to beer.

Tiffany showing how to drink margaritas

Mark, Howard, Me and Dan. Howard and Dan, the newbies to Coyote.

Mark, Howard, Polish Ewa, and Dutch Ewa
Kim, Me and Mark
Ewa, Howard, and Me, former classmates at Xia Da
Some more drinking and laughing

Yvonne, Mark and Jasmine
Saying goodbye to a dear friend..

It was great to have one last hurrah, reminiscing of our times together, before leaving China. Hopefully one day our paths will cross again...

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