Monday, December 21, 2009

Final Random Wanderings...

The last two days have been some easy relaxing. The temperature in Xiamen is at record lows - about 6C - but since we are pretty much packed we are able to slow down and get in a few last strolls through the markets and alleys, along with a few other places that we felt we needed to get to again.

First stop was to take the bus that Tina used to take every day whilst she was studying at University, there has been a lot of changes to that part of the island with a lot of the older buildings being torn down.
On the bus ride there a car decided to park in front of the bus since the bus had blocked a side road when letting people off. The driver determined that this was a good time to go out for a smoke - you can almost see him in the reflection of the car blocking the bus. Once done he got into a heated argument with the driver who was refusing to move his car - this ended with a passenger getting out and stopping traffic so that the bus could back up and go around the parked car....
Then down to the university area where we wandered the newer buildings and the older cafe's that Tina had visited long ago with classmates, before starting the walk back towards our section of the island. We made sure to take lots of little detours and get some good photos.
There was one whole section when we were walking back that was slated for destruction, actually most of the block had been torn down and only a few building were remaining. Some of them still had people living in them, we ignored the "No Entry" signs (It'd be easy for us to argue we didn't understand them) and went in for some photos.
A good day of wandering, today took us over to Gulang Yu where we wandered some new side streets and made sure to stop at all of our favorite shops - hoping to get some discounts be telling them that we were leaving. That only worked with the tea shop, and the discount wasn't really worth it.

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