Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Our list ..

As many people leave China, bloggers will often have a list of things that they will miss, and what the won't. Well we're no exception...

Things we will miss:

1. The people - very warm and friendly
2. Ba Shi - 8th market and Alleys
3. Gu Lang Yu, with all of its historical charm
4. The sunsets at Me and You 2, okay so the sangria's weren't bad either
5. Massages, cupping, pedicures, for next to nothing
6. Getting clothes tailor made
7. Very inexpensive
8. Travelling in China
9. Practicing my Chinese
10.Taiji, learning about Chinese culture, people, and history... will miss you Yang
11.Sitting out on our balcony and enjoying the views
12.Great photo opportunities
13.The abundance of fresh fruit here, love the pomelos, oranges, and longans
14.The food- especially the fresh seafood
15.Baozi - steamed bun
16.Ulf's parties at Me and You 2 - usually free beer for 3 hours
17.Bartering, everything is up for negotiations
18.That three winning beer caps gets you a free bottle - usually retrieved and drunk while wandering the alleys.

We won't miss:

1. The spitting
2. Trying to get Chinese to queue up - the saying "Pai dui" came in very handy
3. People throwing out their trash on the streets
4. Expensive wines
5. Western food that tastes like Chinese
6. Rats
7. Mold
8. No heat in the winter
9. Clothes that take forever to dry, and even then they're damp
10.Chinese drivers- who stops in the middle of the road to answer a phone?
11.Great Firewall of China

...and some things we'll never understand:

1.Chinese never want to give you bad news, so they just say.."ok, ok"
2.Women who wear shoes two sizes too big, with two inch heels..
3.No screens on their windows, they have flying cockroaches here.
4.The ability to sleep anywhere at some very crazy locations and positions
5. Winter time, the restaurants will leave the windows open, everyone wears their jackets..ah, close the door.
6. Men using two coin yuan to pluck their chin hairs..thanks, can you do that at home, please?

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