Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Seeing the family again.

Last night we had a family gathering as my little sister Min and family came to Xiamen for about a week. Luckily we were still here so that we could spend some time with her since we didn't have the opportunity when we were in Malaysia back in Sept..

Sister Yih made the dinner reservations at a swanky Chinese restaurant, and like all good hosts, booked a private room for about 14 people. She had asked if we could stop by Temptations and pick up the wine for the evening's dinner. Not a problem, since we were coming back from Gu Lang Yu. The wine of course was from their private selection, only the best for her family. Mark had the naughty idea, of exchanging the wines with the Blue Label wines to see if anyone would notice. The Blue Label is a decent wine, but not in the same league as Allen's private stock. I quickly squelched that idea, though it would have been funny to see Yih's face when she saw the bottles.

Not only did we get to see Min and family, we were able to meet Min's brother-in-law and family. The food was outstanding, crab, octopus, crispy duck, along with several other dishes that I cannot remember. After the meal, we went back to Temptations to enjoy more wine and catch up with everyone. While the conversation was entertaining, it was entertaining to all. Some of the kids decided the adult conversation was too boring, and chose to sleep instead.

Sister Min, me, and sister YihCharlotte and dadThe bored kids

It was great seeing and meeting the extended family as it will be awhile before we will see each other again. They were off today to spend the next week touring the Fujian province.

As we said our goodbye's we realized we were also saying goodbye to Temptations, our second home. It had great times there, and though it is soon coming to an end, our memories will continue.

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