Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sending the Mexican on his way, but first....

...we needed to go to Gu Lang Yu. Some friends had made requests for some purchases, and since time is of the essence, Sunday was the best bet. We went to our favourite watch guy, and since he was quite busy, we told him we would come back later. That gave us an opportunity to wander around the island and see parts we hadn't see for awhile as well as new alleys we never saw before. I know, crazy, no?

Love the lanes on Gu Lang Yu

This was their version of a path to go down to the beach! The path of rocks..

The beauty of Gu Lang Yu, one never gets bored taking pictures of this island. As we continued walking around the island we came to the other side where we had to walk down to the beach,
over rocks to continue making our way around the island. It was actually our first time walking on the beach. We made our way back to our friend, made the purchase and braved our way back to the ferry. This past year, has been nuts with all the tourists going over to Gu Lang Yu.
Xiamen from the ferry

Next on the to do list, was to find some luggage. We were becoming those people that have luggage the size of a small child. Actually we got side tracked, favouring the idea of picking up DVD's instead. Mark bought the luggage the following day. I did manage to show Mark a new DVD store, that my friend Laura showed me the other day.

Later, we met up with the Mexican as it was his last night in Xiamen. We took him to our favourite place, the Sisters. One day we will get the actual name before we leave. As always the food was excellent. It was great catching up with him for the past few months and seeing his family again, but alas all good things come to an end as we shall experience in about 4 weeks.

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