Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sapa Trek

We've been a little crazy since arriving back to the U.S, so our blogging has been intermittent at best, so we do apologize.

Zoom, our guide picked us up at 9:30 for a three hour trek through a couple villages in Sapa. We started walking to one village, Can Cat which was primarily a tourist trap, that sold trinkets, but once past that, you walk down to see a pretty waterfall. Here we had about 30 minutes to take pictures, wander around, and have a tea break if we so desired. We opted for taking pictures.

After the falls, we climbed back up, to begin our 2 1/2 hour walk where we would end our trek at Y Linh Ho Village. It had rained the evening prior, so the trails were a bit muddy and tricky at points, but the view was beautiful.

Some parts of the trail were quite narrow with a huge drop down to the river and here like many parts of Asia, there are no railings to protect you, meanwhile other parts of the trail were rocky, and muddy. The local women carrying their children on their backs, thought nothing of it.

Our trail

We passed a second village, and here I thought we were done, but apparently we had a mountain to climb before we were finished. Here the paths widened, though quite steep but we finally made it. The village, well, it was a bit of a disappointment, though the walk itself was quite picturesque. It was definitely worth it, even if the villages weren't that appealing.

After our healthy walk, we had a nice Indian lunch, and wandered around Sapa realizing we had seen everything we managed to find a nice British pub where we had a couple of games of Scrabble.


hcpen said...

hey there,
was surfing on the web for info on xiamen travel and came across ur blog, love it:-) Also, nice to know you guys have a malaysian family..their house/garden looks huge!

I hope you know that it isn't normal for the average malaysian to live in houses like that. They must be pretty wealthy!:-)

Mark said...

Glad you like the blog, and we were very lucky to meet our Malaysian friends and then to be somewhat adopted into their family...