Monday, January 18, 2010

Still talking about Sapa.

I think we are finally getting settled into Chicago enough so that we can finish up writing about our trip to Vietnam - it's talking far longer to get this posted then we expected.

After our nice three hour walk through the haze the day before we were pleasantly surprised by nice blue skies on our final day in Sapa. With the weather the way it was we went down and booked a trip to see to waterfalls that were just a short ride out of town.
The first one was just off the side of the road and did have a walkway that allowed one to get up closer to it. A quick 20 minutes of climbing stairs and taking photos and we were driving off again to a nice lookout point to get some views of the valley.
From there we drove to another spot where we were able to walk about 40 minutes to the second waterfall.
The weather was perfect, and we were the only people around so it was a nice relaxing afternoon. After the hiking we went back to town and enjoyed a nice meal, leaving Sapa in the evening for a ride back to the train station. Another overnight train ride and by 05:00 the next morning we were back in Hanoi for our final two days in Vietnam.

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