Friday, September 5, 2008

German Cider

After breakfast we went to a town on Lake Constance called Frederickshafen. The town is a larger than some of the other towns that surround this lake. The beauty of Lake Constance, or Bodensee in German, is that three countries surround it. Germany, of course, Austria and Switzerland. There are ferries that run every hour to take you to the various towns that surround this lake, so it's quite a popular tourist area.

We had lunch here, and afterwards wandered around trying to find the apartment, mom and dad lived when they were first married, but alas, due new development, it was difficult to pin point the actual building, though we did manage to find the place where they use to go and have Italian ice cream.

Later that day, we headed to a country home, where twice a year, the farmer opens his place to serve the famous Most, or German cider. How can you tell? Well he puts a broom by the door to indicate that he is open, so when people drive by, they stop in and enjoy the fruits of his labour. You can sit indoors or go to the back where the owner of the farm had picnic tables for you to enjoy the warm summer evening while drinking their cider.

We ordered a few of the jugs. ate some good old German food, talked to the local people and enjoyed a beautiful sunset. Later that evening, entertainment was also provided.

It was a nice way to end our last night in Tettnang.

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