Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Continuing stories of Heather & Mike's Wedding week

Day four of their wedding week, we headed down to Lahaina to be treated to a Luau. Heather and Mike were kind enough to swing by and give us a ride early on so that we could get there and wander the small main street, some beaches, and to grab a quick lunch. Early for us was around noon seeing as we had stayed out until slightly after 04:00 the previous evening.

Beach in Lahina - Tina's photo, can you spot the topless girl?

We were moving a little slow, but around 16:00 we all started to gather at the Luau and once again enjoy the making fun of the newlyweds, dining, and having a few cocktails.
Great pork and some other local dishes and then we get to watch the entertainment. There were more coconut bra's in one place than I ever thought I would see...
I've got a lot of photos, and overall a great show, but somewhere about the 500th photo you get a little tired of snapping pictures of half nude Hawaiian dancers. Who knew?
Also some half naked men for the ladies to enjoy.

The group after the luau.

And then it was time for the trek back to Weilei and to bed. It was an early night for everyone since first thing tomorrow we needed to be up with the sun so that we could go snorkeling.
Oh, and it was a full moon on an almost cloudless night; so we stopped on the way back at a scenic overlook to take some more photos...

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