Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wedding week - The Big Day.

05.07.09 - This was the magical odd numbered day that Heather and Mike had chosen to get married, and finally after all these months of planning (or so we presume, all we did was show up and enjoy a week long holiday) finally it was happy wedding day.

We enjoyed sleeping in after the reggae boat cruise, we wandered down to their hotel around 16:00 and eventually the whole wedding party filtered in before we headed off to the beach for the ceremony.

Happiness before the wedding
The beach where the ceremony was soon to take place.
The photographer that they hired for their wedding.

Their photographer spent some time before the ceremony getting all of the party in various different poses. We also snapped a few of our own, just so that we would have something to share.
The reverend did a great job with the whole thing, and we all fully enjoyed watching Heather and Mike stumble through their happy ceremony nerves.
Once finished, the reverend drove off and we took advantage of the sunset to get some more photos before heading off to the dinner reception.
Dinner was amazing, great food, a great setting, and just a lot of fun. Somewhere in the course of the evening, Heather got a little tired of us taking as many photos are we did...

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heather said...

Wow. We found our Christmas Card photo!!