Monday, August 3, 2009

Egyptian Nights

This last weekend Me&You2 had Egyptian themed nights and of course we wandered over to the bar this weekend to hang out and watch the fun. Ulf had told us that he had some dancers that were going to put on a great show along with Egyptian themed foods and the like.

Well, we didn't see any food - most of the people were eating his Pizza - but that could be more that we didn't really look too much and were more interested in getting a table where we could snap photos without moving, and getting a glass of sangria.

For the dancing segment a girl comes out with a flowing cape type thing and then she just spun around a lot.
She was up there for a while and then a guy came up and danced with her and then they were done and it was back to enjoying the Filipino band that is usually there. After their set the guy came back up in some sort of ethnic dress and proceeded to spin around faster then the girl was able to manage. He didn't have a cape, but he was wearing a skirt that would lift up as he spun around.
Then if gets fun, he flips a switch on the skirt and it lights up, and the upper section is removable so he has fun spinning in around over his head.Something different to watch, an easy Saturday night. After their third set the Filipino band came on to stay and we decided that was a good point to call it a night and head home.

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